Seguros Bolivar

Redesign the Leasing process

Seguros Bolivar is a company that leases industrial vehicles and machinery to business customers.

SIT collaborated with Leasing Bolivar to redesign their leasing process in order to cut down customer waiting time and deliver the product as soon as possible. Leasing Bolivar had used Six Sigma in the past to cut costs and improve the business model, however the progress was slow and did not yield the desired results. Their leasing process previously lasted 44 days (two days less than industry standard leasing process period of 46 days). However, SIT was able to rearrange the leasing process to last either 2-3 days or 15 days (depending on the customers’ credit). This incredible development allowed customers to receive their equipment in a time frame unlike any other offered by Leasing Bolivar’s competitors. Leasing Bolivar was able to decrease complexity and pain points while also utilizing unused assets, improving the efficiency of their leasing process, and improve the quality of their service.