Bat Yam Municipality

Entrepreneurship in Education

The Bat Yam Municipality realized that the route to successful entrepreneurship needs nurturing and support, as it entails transforming a dream that often requires more time and money than is usually available, and ultimately someone who will believe and encourage you. The Municipality of Bat Yam, located in Israel just south of Tel Aviv has developed a reputation for pioneering innovative programs in education and wanted to provide practical support for all those pioneers engaged in developing their vision for education. They approached SIT to help them create a concrete program.

Together with SIT, the City launched the Center for Entrepreneurship in Education. This community of entrepreneurs now has some 400+ members who meet regularly both socially and for regular courses and one-to-one mentoring done by SIT and center staff to help them achieve their dreams. Alongside these activities, the Center launched an open innovation  competition for new ventures in education which attracted over 300 entries. The centre runs regular programs and activities for educational entrepreneurs designed to bring entrepreneurship into the home and school and make it part of the daily educational experience.