Develop a new packaging method

The closed world method allows SIT to find more value in the materials and assets that an organization already has. Often times an organization’s first impulse is to look outside of their own resources to solve their issues. However employing the closed world method forces an organization to get creative. This method allows for new and innovative ideas to be implemented in organizations while also cutting costs. Rubbermaid is a manufacturer and distributor of home organization, kitchen, hardware, seasonal, and cleaning products, as well as commercial items.

SIT worked with Rubbermaid to develop a new packaging method. Their original method included a product box with a separate pamphlet of written instructions inside the box.However, SIT helped the team develop a method that included printing the instructions on the back of the product box. Customers were able to see the simplicity of assembling the product and no longer had to worry about losing or damaging the instructions pamphlet. This new method allowed Rubbermaid to cut their production costs, save paper, and increase their efficiency.