Davivienda is the 3rd largest commercial bank in Colombia. After working with ad agency Leo Burnett for over 20 years, Davivienda still felt that their marketing communication needs were not being met. Similarly, Leo Burnett thought the creative briefs Davivienda provided were vague and lacked clear direction. Both sides agreed to develop a common terminology to evaluate, improve, and implement their marketing communications campaign.

SIT worked with Davivienda and Leo Burnet in a 3-stage process over 2 weeks to enhance the companies’ working relationship and produce a breakthrough advertising campaign for Davivienda.

  1. Client and Agency — SIT worked individually with both Davivienda and Leo Burnett for 2 days each.
  2. Communication – SIT administered a joint workshop with Davivienda and Leo Burnett to evaluate the new ideas from the previous stage. Together, they formalized a work process and identified common terminology for future communication and feedback.
  3. Communication Solutions – The final stage used the 2010 FIFA World Cup as a way for the two organizations to pilot the new work process and common language. Here, they jointly developed the marketing strategy, its message to the target audience, the creative concept, and its execution during the FIFA event.

The final result was the creation of “The Correspondent” campaign. In the most talked about 2010 World Cup marketing campaign, the teams created a unique character who connected with the public through humor and soccer culture. They captured and monetized unprecedented global attention for the brand by:

  • Making Davivienda the highest demanded IPO in Colombian stock market history following the campaign. Its stock price sold for 12 times the issuance amount.
  • Generating $500,000 worth of press coverage
  • Increasing revenue by over $3Million