What does it mean?

Convergence is an essential step that makes ideas generates in a session, more ready for implementation. Thus, every mini-session should end with some kind of convergence activity that results in a decision about which ideas to move forward. In cases where there are many or complex ideas, a separate convergence session is recommended.

    Main Aspects of Convergence

    1. Review the ideas generated during the session, cluster them, and identify concepts (made of groups of ideas)
    2. Define the criteria for idea selection and the general timeline – how many ideas are you looking for and how many projects are going to be implemented in the short medium and long term (the “pipeline”)
    3. Prioritize ideas and concepts
    4. Create a pipeline by selecting the ideas to be implemented in the short, medium and long term
    5. Create an overall action plan and specific action items for each selected idea detailing how each idea will move forward to implementation
    6. Generate learning from the session

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