Yael Manor

Facilitadora de Innovación & Gerente de Cuentas

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Facilitadora de Innovación & Gerente de Cuentas

Yael Manor is a facilitator and key accounts manager at SIT. Yael specializes in managing large scale innovation programs within multinational organizations. She designs training programs for the development of hundreds of innovation coaches, while weaving together the necessary company architecture to support innovation making it into a well-oiled machine. In short, Yael puts both the “organize” and “innovation” in organizational innovation.

Yael facilitates and lectures worldwide. She is adept at working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, appreciating how people or companies relate to innovation and knowing how to help them push the envelope.

Yael’s vast knowledge of the SIT methodology stems from her joining SIT back in 2002. Alongside her work at SIT, Yael pursued her degree in law. After passing the bar, Yael spent time building her legal career, working for top Tel Aviv law firms as a legal consultant specializing in real estate, planning and zoning law and court litigation, to both public and private sectors. After a few years break, Yael returned to SIT, with her experience leading her to the role she holds today.

Yael holds an MBA (Cum Lauda) majoring on Management and Business Psychology, and LLB and a BA in Psychology.

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