Tamar Chelouche

Facilitadora de Innovación

Facilitadora de Innovación

​Tamar is an Innovation Facilitator at SIT and the previous VP of Global Innovation for SIT China. She helps companies gain value through innovation and deliver ongoing support to clients from the process of identifying needs through to designing and embedding novel innovation solutions. Tamar has partnered with global market leaders such as Bayer, Campbell’s, Coca-Cola, Pearson and Mars, and her primary focus is to help embed a culture and practice of innovation across a broad range of organizations from multi-nationals to medium-sized companies and SME’s.

Tamar leads and facilitates innovation projects with major clients globally. She is an expert in New Product Development, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Advertising and Organizational Innovation processes. Her motivation is to inspire individuals to reach new and inventive perspectives and to improve their performance. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and Management from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in European Communications Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Prior to joining the SIT Team, Tamar held senior posts with several major communication agencies.

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