Rotem Shoshany Shamia

Gerente de Cuentas

And also (or more importantly):

  • Canine Lover
  • Amateur Runner
  • Mindfulness Enthusiast

Gerente de Cuentas

Rotem is as an Account Manager for international clients and SIT’s Social Innovation Unit. Rotem also manages a large-scale innovation project for hundreds of SIT-trained Innovation Coaches from all around the globe. In the past, Rotem was part of the SIT international Affiliate team; she hosted affiliate visits to Tel Aviv and created new initiatives for them.

Rotem facilitates SIT’s local pro-bono workshops for community and social ventures; this is a continued tradition from her previous volunteer work with at-risk youth. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the IDC with minors in Communication and Intrapreneurship with a focus on Innovation. Outside of work, she also admits to being an unaccomplished pianist, sports enthusiast, canine lover and meditates whenever she is in or may not be in the mood!

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