Dikla Beninson

Subgerente de SIT Israel

And also (or more importantly):

  • Social Psychologist
  • Yuval, Gaia & Gur's Mom
  • Ballet Dancer of 7 Years

Subgerente de SIT Israel

Dikla is Managing Director of SIT Israel, holding a considerable amount of expertise in working with the Israeli market. Dikla has been involved in projects with leading companies including SAP, TAMA, Tivall, Bank Hapoalim, KATA, The Marker and The Israel Aids Task Force. She manages SIT’s social responsibility activities and supervises the Innovation Community; running dialogue forums for innovation enthusiasts. Formerly CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) project manager, Dikla was in charge of design, characterization, development and assimilation of the CRM system, and training our office personnel in best practices.

Dikla holds a B.A. in Behavioral Science from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and an M.A. in Social Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. As a research assistant at the Hebrew University, she helped develop a unique experiment concerning social behavior in twins, with a focus on pro-social behavior: the tendency to share, to cooperate and to express sympathy. This research into the collaborative side of life fits perfectly with SIT’s person-centric philosophy, and Dikla has been happy to find her professional home at SIT.

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